The Group Quality Policy is the leading document in our quality system. Norway Seafoods views quality with an “all inclusive” perspective, and are working along four dimensions reaching the goals of high quality.

In the center of our attention is Winning customer trust and preference. This is supported by three distinctive elements. Safe food and full compliance is our commitment to fulfill all regulatory objectives and comply with all applicable requirements. Continuous improvement and a zero defect attitude is our commitment on doing things better every day. Finally, Individual and team effort is how we believe that all staff and partners must contribute reaching our quality goals.

Winning customer trust and preference

We create customer confidence through each product, all customer contact and service.

We listen to our customers, understand expectations and offer products and services which meet needs and requirements. With customers and consumers in the center of our attention, each and every customer contact is important and of high standards. Our products are produced to high environmental and ethical standards through clean and resource effective processes.

Norway Seafoods will:

  • Engage with customers to identify needs and requirements
  • Develop concepts and products to satisfy identified needs and requirements
  • Communicate Norway Seafoods Code of Business Conduct
  • Develop systems for monitoring our environmental impact

Safe food and full compliance

We never compromise on food safety and always comply with all applicable requirements.

We comply with all applicable laws and regulations in connection with our operation, each agreed specification of products and services and internal policies. All critical work processes are documented. As food safety is of the essence, unsafe products are immediately recalled. Our products are traceable and we work to reduce and eliminate risks related to our products. Health and security is very important to Norway Seafoods and we never allow anything to compromise this principle. Norway Seafoods regulations and guidelines in respect of safety and security are complied with and available in all departments. We reduce and eliminate risks related to food and work safety, through a risk based approach and share knowledge and policies across the organization. All management systems for food safety and compliance are continuously evaluated, improved and audited.

Norway Seafoods will:

  • Comply with policies in quality system, register and close deviations
  • Continuously evaluate and improve systems for food, work safety and compliance
  • Standardize and comply with specifications for all products

Continuous improvement and a zero defect attitude

We continuously strive to be skilled and doing the job right each and every time.

We are skilled and passionate about what we do. With an attitude for continuous improvement and an understanding that by doing the job right each and every time this will create competitiveness and opportunities. Our procedures, systems, equipment and training of staff will ensure high quality standards, operational excellence and competitiveness.

Norway Seafoods will:

  • Develop and invest in systems and equipment which will increase the quality of raw materials and finished products
  • Develop programs for continuous improvement  and installing a zero defect attitude in the organization

Individual and team effort

We know that quality starts with each and every one of us and is a result of team effort.

Managers at all levels have responsibility as role models in implementing and applying objectives and demonstrate his/her commitment on quality by practicing and being ahead. Each employee is responsible for achieving a basic comprehension and building up an understanding of the requirements in regulations, policies and specifications for maintaining quality standards and possess good working knowledge of how it affects their position.

Quality staff assesses performance, challenge the organization and facilitate implementation of policies and improvements. Our business partners are expected to share the same commitment to quality and consistently meet our requirements in this area.

Norway Seafoods will:

  • Make annual quality objectives at corporate and local levels
  • Increase awareness on quality by staff-training in quality systems and product specifications
  • Hold decentralized quality control at production plants and follow it up with internal audits

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