A Comprehensive Value Chain

The Group’s strength lies in its comprehensive value chain which covers every part of the process – from sourcing of raw materials to processing, concept building, marketing and sales.

Raw materials
Norway Seafoods compromises Norway’s largest sourcing network, purchasing fresh fish directly from fishermen with a total of 11 sourcing stations along the coast of Northern Norway.

Additional sourcing of fresh fish and seafood comes from fish auctions and fish farming companies in Europe.The sourcing stations are all located above the Arctic Circle giving unique access to the most well managed fish stocks in the world and the clear cold waters of the Barents Sea. 

The company operates 8 primary processing facilities and 1 secondary production facilities. The primary processing facilities are specialized in packing whole fish and fillets, both fresh and frozen.

The secondary processing facilities prepare a variety of consumer products, such as fresh fish in MAP, ready meals, sushi and products with other ingredients, such as sauce, breading’s, etc.

Norway Seafoods products are sold by Lerøy Seafoods AS


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