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Norway Seafoods integrity channel

Norway Seafoods treasure openness and transparency. We focus on establishing a corporate culture in which people deliver excellent results in a responsible manner. Norway Seafoods works to promote a sustainable management of marine resources and to ensure that our harvesting and production methods are consistent with sustainable practices. Norway Seafoods offers high quality products, that are produced in an environmentally friendly, ethical and socially responsible manner.

Norway Seafoods has established an integrity channel to allow employees and others to raise concerns about improper activities or misconduct and report instances of potential non-compliance with our corporate culture without fear of retaliation. Such improper activities or misconduct may include HSE violations, harassment, insider trading, money laundering, fraud, bribery and kick-back arrangements, or other breaches of external or internal guidelines.

Raising a concern
Norway Seafoods employees are encouraged to first discuss any compliance matters internally with their immediate supervisor, next level manager or contacting their employee representative or the HR department. If such measures are not deemed to be sufficient, incidents may be reported through the integrity channel.

Reports received through the integrity channel will initially be received and handled by an independent third party; PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). PwC is dedicated to maintaining high ethical standards and will handle all submissions with confidentiality.


There are three possible ways to report a concern
1. Fill in a form
2. Send an email to PwC:
3. Send a letter to PwC: PricewaterhouseCoopers, Att. Gunnar Holm Ringen, P.O. Box 748 Sentrum, N-0106 Oslo, Norway


When raising a concern using one of these three possible ways, the person raising the concern may remain anonymous. However, it will be easier to conduct an investigation and other follow up activities will more likely be successful if the person reporting gives his/her identity. The person raising a concern may also remain anonymous towards Norway Seafoods, giving his/her identity to PwC only.

After processing the reported concern, PwC will make an initial report to the Compliance Team in Norway Seafoods who will then assess the report. If the report is in the nature of an allegation that requires investigation, the report will be followed up accordingly.

Unless the person reporting the concern has elected to remain anonymous to all parties, he/she shall receive a response within a reasonable period of time. This response will contain information about how the case has been treated and the outcome.

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